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  • One of the leading media and e-commerce companies in DACH
  • Excellent multichannel strategy with presence in all online channels
  • Part of the Weltbild D2C Group

The goal: optimization of conversion rate,
ROI & margin on checkout abandoners

Checkout abandoners who leave the shopping cart to search for discounts are to be returned to the checkout process with minimal investment and optimal margins. Weltbild wants to extend control of the offer funnel to Google and raise the conversion rate to a higher level.

The implementation in 3 steps

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CI conform voucher page

Through emotional campaign images & the CI-compliant presentation of the brand, vchfy achieves a significant branding effect that gives users a positive & impressive shopping experience.

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The vchfy coupon page achieves the top ranking for search queries for "Weltbild coupon". This enabled Weltbild to extend its control over the checkout funnel to the Google SERPs as well and to rank above external voucher pages.

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Gamification for optimal margins

The wheel of fortune was used to achieve lower discount values for an optimal margin when converting the discount-affine shoppers. Thus, an up to 3x higher interaction rate was achieved.

Evaluation & result is top performer for Weltbild in the coupon sites segment!

127% higher conversion rate

With a conversion rate of 47%, this was 127% higher than the average conversion rate among the top 10 coupon sites and 11 percentage points higher than the next best coupon site.

Offer funnel control

Weltbild secured top SEA and SEO rankings with the brand-compliant vchfy coupon site. As a result, customers have stayed in the Weltbild offer funnel and not migrated to the competition. Additionally, the seamless integration of vchfy provides a unique user experience and coupons become a branding tool.

73% Sales with optimized margin

Through the use of the wheel of fortune, the discount-affine shoppers could be converted specifically with lower discount values and higher margins.

121% more sales generated

This leads to an impressive result in terms of generated sales. These are namely 121% higher than the second best coupon site.

This is what Weltbild has to say about the results

"Compared to other solutions, when using we were able to create additional return on investment quickly and easily with little internal effort."

Severin Urso

Head of Online Marketing, Weltbild

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