The customer -

  • Since 2017 one of the Swiss market leaders in online drugstores
  • Over 40,000 articles from the categories drugstore, health & care
  • Part of the health and life AG group.

The goal

Automated upselling & margin optimization

Coupon sites and offer portals aim to increase sales and conversion rates with price-sensitive shoppers while ensuring a user-friendly customer journey. A key challenge here is to guide users in a targeted manner and have them convert in a margin-optimized manner or with upselling.

The solution

Automated upselling & margin optimization by using the vchfy cross-campaign solution. Hereby, visitors of the McDrogerie coupon page are only shown campaigns that bring added value to the online store.

60% of the sales made were closed with a better margin due to the gamification wheel of fortune. Another 36% were inspired to upsell by the personalized offers. Only 4% used a classic campaign to complete their purchase.

app in action

3x higher interaction rates
through gamifications

Significantly higher interaction and usage rates than static campaigns.

72% of all clicks tracked via McDrogerie wheel of fortune
Targeted display of low discount codes
Higher conversion rate & better margin at the same time

+89% basket uplift

with dynamic upsell campaigns

Targeted display of higher discount codes as an incentive
Discounts are linked to higher order values
Each voucher is personalized, as current basket is taken into account
app in action

The result

By using vchfy, 96% of all sales generated added value and helped McDrogerie to achieve a better result. With little initial effort, a significant uplift in margin and sales was achieved. The Crosscampaign solution actively encourages upselling and offers a margin-optimized alternative through gamification. This result cannot be achieved with static campaigns.


of all sales with improved margins or higher shopping baskets


What says

With, it is very easy to attract discount-seeking users and keep them on your platform. Founded only in 2017, McDrogerie is the fastest growing online drugstore in Switzerland. The aim has always been to drive growth quickly and efficiently with clever ideas that grow automatically and require hardly any operational maintenance. Vchfy is an optimal revenue generator.

Frank Marent

Managing Director

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